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John Watts - Melbourne Builders of Quality Homes

John Watts - Melbourne Builders by High Quality Professional Builders

John Watts - Home builder Melbourne understands the requirements of building your dream home or changes to your business

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  • ExperienceExperience
  • AvailabilityAvailability
  • Client ResponsiveA Client Responsive Attitude
  • We make it simpleWe build it right– Every Time!

We Are Passionate About The Quality Of Our Work

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John Watts - Melbourne builder

We spend all of our time making sure our clients are happy and that the quality of the work is exemplary.

  • House Builders Melbourne

    House Builders Melbourne Carefully done. diligent time spent. perfect finish every time.Builders of distinction.

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    Best Home Builders - we use the most modern improved techniques. If you have an idea! ask us. you will be surprised.

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    Original Design - what is guaranteed these days? The price that we give for the work done is just that!! Call us on 0422 067 479.

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Recent Portfolio – John Watts Builder Melbourne

John Watts - Melbourne builder

John Watts - Melbourne builder

John Watts - Melbourne builder

John Watts - Melbourne builder

John Watts - Melbourne builder


John Watts - Melbourne builder

John Watts - Melbourne builder

John Watts - Melbourne builder

John Watts - Melbourne builder

John Watts - Melbourne builder

John Watts - Melbourne builder

John Watts - Melbourne builder

Building vs. renovating: our tips to help you decide

1. Weigh up the costs

It can definitely be cheaper to start from scratch, rather than renovate. Keep in mind renovation costs also can blow out, due to unforseen problems that arise along the way. One of the upsides of building a new home is you can ask your builder for a ‘fixed price contract.

2. Consider the age of the home

If you’ve purchased a character home because you love the old timber floors and decorative ceilings, renovation will obviously be the best way to go, even if it is more cost. Rebuilding is not an option if your home has period features. The most suitable knockdowns are the ugly ducklings that can often be purchased for close to land value

3.Location is a factor

Knocking down and rebuilding is more popular in locations where vacant land is scarce and also in sought after areas close to the city, beach or bay, where there is little risk of over capitalising. If you’re unsure whether it’s a good idea for your suburb, get some advice from a local real estate agent. It’s also essential to find out from your local council what you can and can’t do under local planning laws.

4. Consider your lifestyle

Rather than trying to fix an unworkable floor plan by extending or raising an existing house, it can be easier and cheaper to start with a clean slate. Rebuilding allows people to choose a new home design to suit their needs, rather than trying to modernise an older home.

5. Budget for ongoing expenses

New homes are easier to maintain, less susceptible to termites and more energy efficient. Building practices and regulations are also much better now and a new home comes with the added peace of mind of a warranty on the construction

6. Do want the hassle of renovating?

If you work full-time or are raising a family, you need to ask yourself whether you really want to spend every weekend working on the house. Renovating can be very disruptive, often requiring the homeowners to move out for a period of time. On the other hand, new homes can be built to ‘turn key’ stage, where all you need to do is turn the key, walk in and enjoy. Deciding on whether to renovate or rebuild is a big decision and an expensive one. Whichever way you go, it’s vital to do your homework first.

We Are Able To Help You With All Your Building Requirements

John Watts Builder Melbourne
John Watts Builder Melbourne
John Watts Builder Melbourne
John Watts Builder Melbourne

Building Homes… Building Relationships

John Watts - Melbourne builder reputation has been built upon a project management system that :

  • creates and maximises efficiency
  • A voids surprises and enables controlled, thoughtful informed decisions
  • Establishes a comprehensive budget at the beginning of a project that guides the design and becomes the basis of fixed and guaranteed pricing.
  • Establishes An organised approach that assures a predictable smooth and uninterrupted construction cycle.

That is what we are about…budget control…schedule certainty…enhanced quality.

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John Watts - Experienced Melbourne Builder

John Watts Builder Melbourne

John Watts - Melbourne builder is a proud family company that has assembled a talented team of design consultants, construction staff and support personnel who all share a common goal: to build more than just custom homes – to build lifelong relationships with our clients

John Watts Builder Melbourne

John Watts - Melbourne builder is an organization with a complete range of capabilities including, pre-development coordination and planning, general contracting, consulting, marketing, financing and property brokerage and customer/warranty services.

John Watts Builder Melbourne

As in all aspects of our building practices, we take our responsibility to you seriously. It is not enough to simply build a beautiful new home. We believe it is imperative that we build it responsibly. John Watts - Melbourne builder provide a commitment to environmentally friendly products.

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